Brand positioning


Based on customers’ requirements and target market segmentation,  Meiigoo finds its accurate brand positioning through SWOT analysis. Featuring high end, Fashion, and internationalization, Meiigoo will continue to follow the latest trends and expand the internal market.



S: strength      W: weakness       O: opportunity         T:threat 

Product Positioning


Stylish design: Based on simplicity and fashion in combination with the most popular elements. Besides, the design philosophy of each product contains abundant cultural intension.


Complete applications: integrates all new app to allow consumers to enjoy the entertainment to the most;


High-end smart devices: Easy to use, smart, meeting the  demands of target users.


Individuality and diversity: Meiigoo has a variety of communication products differing in looks, color, and functions which can satisfy the diverse needs of cuntomers.

Marketing strategy


Strategic approach: official microblog, forum marketing, public WeChat platform, media promoting, website marketing


Through the integration of multi-channel marketing strategies, the advantages of each promotion method are maximized, so as to greatly enhanced the brand recognition. With the expansion of sales, the marketing strategies has been crucial.

Special services


After the analysis of our own conditions and peer companies, we Meiigoo have built our exclusive services which can be seen from the following four aspects:


Be creative: provide unique products and services to seize more market shares


Be superior: provide high-quality service, continue to improve service quality, offer unique services regarding products with different price tags to attract customers;


Be comprehensive: expand the variety of products comprehensively with the aim for complete service items and various services.


Be flexible: adjust the business and development direction  and create new kinds of products to surpass competitive rivals.

 Production strength


"Meiigoo brand" has now developed a large production base with exquisite environment and well-equipped facilities. Many a production equipment a variety of production equipment is in a leading international level. Our production processes are professional in strict compliance with international standards. We also have passed the ISO91001 quality system certification in 2001, which ensures qualified products from the origin.


 Scientific research strength



Meiggoo hold a highly educated, high-quality  R&D team who are diligent in their research, innovative and pragmatic, creating value for the enterprise while also continuously improving their own ability. Thanks to the excellent R & D team, Meiigoo that have broken through many technical problems and won numerous honors in science and technology, has achieved a good reputation among peers.